Vikki Library

The Viikki Library, not to be confused with Viikki Campus Library, is a public library and situated in the Science Centre on Viikki Campus. It provides the customers with modern library services and offers a diverse selection of books, films, music and games. They are part of HelMet, a network of the city libraries of Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa (Helsinki Metropolitan Area Libraries) and if you can´t find something in Viikki Library you can easily order it from another.

The Viikki Library offers many places for reading and lounging, such as the Roman Garden (one of the three winter gardens in the building) as well as places to study. The customers have access to PC´s, a Wireless Network, a scanner, copy machine and a color printer. The library also offers a variety of newspapers and magazines and a Bestseller shelf with the latest literature.

The library also offers enough space for kids to do homework, study, meet friends, use computers, play and even read. It hosts many tours and classes for day care center and school groups, e.g. story hours and Kirjatti.

For the adults there are book clubs, author meetings and lectures they can attend to.


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