Viikki Campus Library

The University of Helsinki has four main campus areas: the City Center (with theology, law, arts, social sciences, and behavioral sciences), Meilahti (medicine and dentistry), Kumpula (science) and Viikki (agriculture and forestry, biological and environmental sciences, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine).

All in all the university has several different locations in Helsinki and Finland, the most north one being a biological research station in Northern Lapland.


The Viikki Campus Library opened in 1999 and is located on the Viikki Campus, also called the “Green Campus”,  in the Info Center Korona which also houses faculty and campus administration, study and lecture rooms, computer classrooms and a café and the public library, Viikki Library.

Viikki Campus Library and Viikki Library lie right next to each other in the building and share some common space – the newspaper room and the reference library. The two libraries also organize and arrange exhibitions and events together.

The Viikki Campus Library serves the staff and students of the university, as well as all information seekers of biological and environmental sciences, agriculture and forestry, pharmacy or veterinary medicine providing an ideal environment for knowledge-intensive study and research.



Interesting fact:

The Corona (lat. `crown´) is the aura of plasma surrounding the sun which we can mostly see during a solar eclipse (or a coronagraph). This effect gave the Info Center of Viikki Campus it´s name for it has a double wall surrounding the almost circular building.

The Campus status as “green Campus” played a big role when building the Center. Ecological matters such as sustainability have been considered in the design and the big circle of double walls conserves energy and in between these walls three winter gardens are hidden, perfect for reading or taking a rest. They are open for all visitors and have special themes: the Egyptian, the Roman and the Japanese Bamboo Garden.

The blue glass surface makes it very modern looking and recognizable. The buildings entrance cuts of part of the circle and forms the campus square.


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