Monday, 27.10.14

22:45 – Sportfreunde Stiller: Ein Kompliment (MTV unplugged)

This is my 6th week here in Helsinki. Unbelievable.

This morning I met Mirja P., who is an information specialist at the library of parliament. She showed me the library, the archive and their depository which are open to researchers, students and members of the parliaments as well as the public (only during opening hours of course).

The customer numbers are declining due to the increased use of internet services. The library noticed that change early enough and now focuses on providing a certain standard and quality of services for their customers online. Especially for private persons it´s a good way to get an overview over the current applied laws and what is planned in the near future.


Afterwards I went for a quick lunch at Subway. I never used to go there but since I arrived here I think I´ve gone … let me lie, but 10 times already? Crazy I know, but I love sandwiches 😀


As said, quick lunch and then it was back to work for me. I didn´t do much today, only some paperwork and E-Mails.

At home in the afternoon I did the same thing: paperwork. I also skyped and wrote postcards, a duty one should not miss while being on a trip like this. All very exciting 😉

And for anyone who has slight sadistic tendencies here a little story:

Last week I thought to myself that in addition to my healthy diet of packet soups ( and subway sandwiches ) a little physical training couldn´t hurt. So I went running (well, for fit people my `running` is like walking fast… no shame felt here) and I picked up Pilates again ( I ❤ youtube). While up until now I only did beginners videos on Saturday I tried out something a little more advanced…

Worst. Decision. Ever. Today I had the worst muscle ache in my upper legs. Every step on the stairs or getting up from any seating situation seemed to develop into a nearly unachievable task. Believe me, I sat on the bus and really didn´t want to get out at Viikki because I didn´t think I could handle the stairs…

Moral of the story: Don´t do sport, it kills you. And don´t trust people on the internet…

23:10 – Vance Roy: Riptide (Acoustic)

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Summary, Thurs., 23.10. – Sun. 26.10.

Another summary, and I have the feeling that it won´t be the last one…

Thursday –  After two days of laying in bed and pitying myself I finally went back to work . In the morning I started to fill out my Europass form online which is much more time consuming than I would have thought. Afterwards I “helped out” in the customer service.

In the afternoon I went to my English class, which was enjoyable as ever. It´s already the last lesson  next week 😦

As fun as it was I was glad when I was back home. Even though in the morning I felt like the first sunshine in spring (as in: really good and happy) in the afternoon the darkness of winter came creeping back (gloomy mood) and so did the headache I thought I defeated. After closing the front door behind me I just fell out of my shoes and into my bed.


Friday – The day of the book fair. It was great, I had loads of fun walking around, taking pictures, looking at all the offers, laughing with Tuija and Veera and bag some free stuff like badges, stickers and candy (mostly from the Uni Library booth itself 😉 ).

And in addition to the book fair there was the food fair right next door. Apparently they do it like that every year and of course I couldn´t miss out on some samples. And Cheese everywhere. I was in heaven.


Saturday and Sunday – My days off. I didn´t do anything but took a walk around Lammaassari again, slept and engulfed in other forms of procrastination. And it was a great weekend in the end 🙂

It´s the end of my 5th week here and it doens´t feel real at all. Even though I miss home, especially my friends and cats, I do want to stay here even longer. The best thing would be if someone would invent some kind of portal with which I could just travel back and forth between Helsinki and Berlin (and Arizona, while we are on it). Anybody know anyone ?!

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Summary, Fr., 17.10. – Wed., 22.10.


Well writers laziness has finally reached out to me. As you might have noticed this is once again a summary of the past week.

But I guess it´s easier and maybe even more entertaining for you guys, now you only have to read about the highlights of my week. Much shorter and not as boring ….

Well on Friday work was pretty … self organized. I just helped out in the customer service for some time and took care of paperwork. In the afternoon I went into town and met up with my friend. We wanted to use the good weather so we went on the Torni Hotel and enjoyed the view over sunny Helsinki. Afterwards we went to eat deliscious burgers … yum.

On Saturday it was finally time to go to Tallinn! We took Lindaline ferry and we expected one of those huge ferry boats you can always see from the market but we were fooled. The lindaline ferries are actually kind of… cute. They are pretty small but as fast as one of the big ferries.

We arrived savely in Tallin and then the shopping started. I won´t tell you everything about my exploits, just this: at the end of the day my hands hurt from carrying all that stuff. Mostly souvenirs for friends and family though.

BUT what I need to tell you about is Cru. Because it´s fantastic. It´s a hotel restaurant and hidden away right in the small streets of the old town. And the food was fantastic. Go there when visiting Tallinn and you won´t regret it.

On Sunday we planned on visiting Suomenlinna but it was raining all day long so we just went to Fazers, got us some goody goodies and ate a fancy breakfast at home. Then it was time already for us to leave for the airport.

I don´t like good-byes at all and she doesn´t either, so we exchanged a hug and waved for one last time while she disappeared through the kids gate at the security check.

It was weird coming „home“ again and nobody was there. My room seems so big now…

On Monday I worked a bit on the projectnet video. Tuija and I still have to do the audiotrack and I didn´t think it was that hard! We didn´t finish what we started out to do so I took the text with me to summarize it. Maybe then it gets easier to talk slowly and more clearly.

Afterwards we went to Meilahti Campus to a seminar about Open Science – Impact and research funding. Ist part of the Open Access week they had here at the University and some of the presentations were really interesting while others were to late in the day for me to still be able to process what they were saying.

Afterwards I took a short stroll around Lammassaari (sheep island, haven´t seen no sheep though).

On Tuesday… well Tuesday was a bad, a very bad day.

The last couple of days I´ve gotten a headache now and then but they always disappeared after an hour or so and weren´t that bad.

But Tuesday… I woke up around 5 am with the worst headache ever and I soon realized it was actually a migraine. I wasn´t able to go to work, not in this state, so I wrote E-Mails to everyone concerned and stayed home in bed all day.

And today, Wednesday, hasn´t been much different. I feel better but the headaches come and go in waves. Later this afternoon I´m going to go outside and take a walk. Fresh air is supposed to help, right?

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Thursday, 16.10.14

I wasn´t in Viikki today at all but spend the day in the City Center once again.

In the morning I had a course on European Law databases at Kaisa tallo. Even though every search engine is basically the same it was exhausting. Seven different databases were presented and up until the third I was able to listen and actually understand how it works, what you could search with it but after that.. nothing. If you would ask me anything about Westlaw or HUDOC ( I just copied the names off of the handout…) I wouldn’t even know what you are talking about.

Afterwards I had some spare time and a lunch break of an hour until my English course. I walked around the library for a bit (it´s so pretty *-*) and then went to the cathedral square to devour my freshly bought subway sandwich.

Roger was cool as ever. Today we had discussions about different articles, trying to form coherent sentences while conversing (understanding, thinking about and answering to what the opposite party said).

I went home right after because today was the day I finally went to the common laundry room to wash my clothes. And let me tell you after four weeks of not washing anything almost all of my belongings are now fresh and dry back in my closet.

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Summary Sun., 12.10. – Wed., 15.10.

Okay so I haven´t had much time to write anything about the last couple of days which means you´ll all have to deal with a short summary:

Sunday – visited Nuuksio once again and once again the weathergods had no mercy. It wasn´t raining but the sky didn´t show any sign of a blue sky, only a think grey blanket with no chance of the sun peeking through.

We walked the Robin´s trail, the shortest one with only 2 km along the lakes Valklampi, Mustalampi and Haukkalampi. I think all in all we walked 9 or 10 km and were pretty happy when we got home.

Monday – I met up with Tuija once again, this time we worked with a program called Camtasia. We started with making a tutorial video about how to use Projectnet. It was fun and we will make some more videos soon about other search engines and webpages.

Tuesday – I finished translating the Sippola list from Word to Excel, now I just need to smooth and polish it up a bit.

Wednesday – in the morning I had customer service. I even talked to some customers (yay) but it´s pretty weird to be addressed in Finnish and having to explain that I only speak English. The customers always react understanding and promptly speak English then as well, but still… It´s weird.

In the afternoon I went into the City Center and visited the Deutsche Bibliothek Helsinki. Before I found the Entrance I went into a shop right downstairs and met the most adorable little Mini Schnauzer. When I entered he jumped up and down and I think I stayed there for over 10 minutes just to pet him and get licked by him in return (my hands were quite slimy afterwards). The owner of the store and dog was quite amused by the whole scene.

Die Deutsche Bibliothek is a small library and rents in all 4 rooms where 1.5 employees take care of approx. 40.000 books and other media.

In 1877 12 German families in Helsinki formed a book circle and every family had to acquire one book per year, which wasn´t a very easy nor cheap task (German book in Helsinki, late 19th century = not easy). By 1881 there were 60 books in the collection and those were the basis for the first German library in Helsinki.

With time the library grew bigger through cooperation’s and fusions with other German based libraries. It targets to collect all Finland concerned literatue in a special Fennica-section which nowadays holds over 4000 works and to offer a variety of books to the German communities outside of Helsinki.

Oh and also: „Deutsche Bibliothek“ doesn´t mean it only holds books from Germany but from all German speaking countries, so Germany, Austria, Switzerland and so on.

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Saturday, 11.10.14

20:50 – Amelie: L‘ Autre Valse d’Amélie

Tonight my third week in Finland is officially over. Only five more weeks to go.

Today we started out with a little grocery shopping and then a dapper breakfast at home, including korvapuusti (Yam!) and energizing Yogi tea which was the perfect drink after a short short night of talking and catching up until three in the morning.

A quick meditation session (def. not me) and a parallel conducted Skype date (that was me) later we took the bus to down town and our first stop was Fazer. I liked chocolate before but now I adore, admire and, oh let me just say it, love it with all my heart. That place is the dream of every Chocolatier on earth and just watching the pralines, candies and cakes wait for someone behind a spotless wall of glass to come pick them up and give them a new home (in their belly) made me giggle with excitement.

The smell of chocolate still in our noses we went to The Ounce. It is a nice little Tea place right in the city center in Fredrikinkatu and the perfect spot for every tea lover, and non-tea lover for that matter, to relax and discover some new deliciousness. It has hundreds of different kinds to offer and in the back a couple of seatings where you can enjoy a freshly infused cup of your choice of brew.

We took a stroll down the harbor area and stranded in Salve, an old Ravintola (=restaurant) established in 1897 which carries the slogan „When Ships Were Made Of Wood And Men Were Made Of Steel…“. I felt right at home 😀

We did a lot of walking today and I´m dead yet again. Tomorrow we´ll travel far far away, 30 km via bus to Nuuksio National Park.

21:29 – Save Ferris: Come on Eileen

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Friday Night – 3 am


yes I was that desperate 😀

…just kidding of course, but it´s good to see a familiar face haha And now I´m way to pumped to go to sleep… sheesh

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