and also to-do-list


This list is going to be updated from now and then, adding things and checking them off


  • Go on Top of Hotel Torni on a sunny day
  • Walk all the way around Suomenlinna
  • Take a walk around Lammassaari
  • Go swimming at Yrönkato uimahalli
  • Visit a Sauna
  • Go to a hockeygame
  • Try traditional Finnish Foods (aka anything I get my hands on, from karjalanpiirakat over salmon to reindeer)
  • Go to Fazer and buy anything I want
  • Bake Korvapuusti and Pulla
  • Travel to a place above the Arctic circle (and see the Northern lights)
    • maybe to Lake Inari?
  • Go to Rovaniemi and visit the Santa Clause Village
  • Travel to Turku and visit the Archipelago NP
  • Travel to Tallinn and go eat at Cru    
  • Maybe Kuopio
  • Hike around Nuuksio
  • Use my time well

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