Mon., 10.11. – Wed., 12.11.14

So, this is my last week :/

Up until now it has been stressful and now it´s already Wednesday and I´ve the feeling I still have so much to do. I don´t know where time went.

I´ve been just finishing up my tasks at work, like the Open-Access-Wiki but I´ve also been working on filling and printing out the Europassform which has robbed my last nerve because it´s not working how it should be at all.

Anyways, yesterday (so Tuesday) I went with Tuija to the Urban Workshop in the City Centre. It´s part of the public library and related to Library 10 which I visited in my second week here in Helsinki (seems like a lifetime ago). The Urban Workshop is a place where anybody can come in and use all kinds of machines and programs, from sewing machines over T-shirt printers to Photoshop and the only thing you have to pay for in the end is the material you are using up.


We mainly went there to use their 3D-printer.  I bet  you think that we printed something really fancy and special… well, no. Not really. We printed a small Charmander. Well alright, that was my Idea, Tuija didn´t even know what it is 😀 (just so you know, it´s a Pokemon).


I know, it´s uncool to take a picture of a Computerscreen…

It took the little guy about an hour to be done and now it´s safe and sound in my backpack waiting for it´s new home in Berlin (it´s actually a present for a friend, so I´m not going to keep it).


PicMonkey Collage

and here is it at his first (and hopefully not last) visit to subway:


Today I´m just going to pack up the rest of my stuff. Hopefully everything will fit in my suitcase.,.

Well talk to you later.

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