Summary, Fri., 31.10. – Sun., 9.11.

Upsi… Sorry for being MIA for so long, but I was rather busy…

Friday – I spend my day at Kaisa on the 7th floor with Kristiina, Marjo, Lisa and Mika, who told me all about Electronic Research Management Systems, Ebooks and Ejournals and their Activation and Access. It was a long and informative day with loads of stimulating (right word?!) conversation.

Afterwards I met Heli to go for a walk but it was already way to dark out so we went to grap a bite to eat (I was practically starving) at Zetor, this farm-style restaurant in the city center. It. was. so. cool!

Saturday & Sunday // Kuopio – I woke up really early to get on my bus to Kuopio. I should have worn more clothes because the bus was freezing cold. At least I had Wifi and was able to text and surf on the Web. 5 hours well spend 🙂

The hotel was quite fancy and after having a 5-minute dance party for myself I went outside to explore.

I don´t want to make this a detailed report so here´s the stuff: I went to the Nationalpark but was only there for 2 hours because Pujio-Torni was closed. I ate Kalakukko which is fish baked in a loaf od bread and quite delisicous. I went to the sauna and to a smoke sauna and afterwards jumped into a freezing cold lake (I don´t think anyone can make me do this again…).


I wasn´t able to try Karjalanpiirankka (karelian pie) and I´ve still to do that while I´m here! It looks so tasty…

Monday – I was in the National Repository Library today, the core reason of my little excursion to Kuopio. Sirpa and I talked for 2.5 hours about the functions,aim and purpose of the NRL and it´s prospective future. It´s such a misleading building though. From the outside it doesn´t look so big because it hosts other companies as well so you think it´s only takes up a small space but then you go inside and BAM! it hits you right in the face. It´s a huge storage room with boxes, shelves and trolleys everywhere. The employees there actually use scooters because of the vast distances… It was a great day and I got to see a different kind of library and different kind of work again.


When I got home I skyped for a little bit but I was so tired that I just fell on my bed after and fell asleep.

Tuesday – I was dead. I think I slept maybe 3 hours?! I would like to say that work went by in a heart beat and I could go home but I watched the clock and I think time stood still. Nontheless, I worked with Tuija on the ProjectNet video and we finally finished it. Now my voice can be heard on Youtube… Yay.

In the afternoon…well I slept. I slept until someone (you know who you are) called me on Skype and woke me up 😦


Wednesday/Thursday/Friday – I visited Terrko on Wednesday ( which is just the Nickname, the library is now called Meilahti Campus Library). On both Thursday and Friday morning I had introductions in Literacy Training and in the afternoon I went out. Thursday was the usual, English, and it was our last lesson together. On Friday afternoon I visited the National Library of Finland and got a tour, but unfortunately I wasn´t able to visit the old building and reading room because it´s under construction.

Weekend – I met up with Lisa. We went to grap a bite to eat and then went to her place and watched YouTube videos all night long (Theme of the night: we love Jimmy Fallon 🙂 )





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