Summary, Tue., 28.10. – Thurs., 30.10.

18:43 – Amyst: Rolling in the Deep (Cover)

The last couple of days weather hasn´t been great: cloudy with a chance of rain (not to be confused with the movie „cloudy with a chance of meatballs„. That movie, compared to the weather, is awesome)

Usually I don´t let the weather influence my attitude or my activities but this week after work I went straight home, did my chores and stayed in. It has been a sad couple of days.

The reason I mention my lethargy is the changed situation. Today I was awakened by warm rays of sunlight touching my snoozing face. This made the day instinctively a good one and I feel my energy coming back. And there is nothing better to start a day with than the sun behind a blue sky and Mando Diao´s `Song for Aberdeen` blasting in your ear. Lets hope the sun keeps us company a little longer!

Tuesday – We worked with Camtasia on Tutorial Videos almost all day long. I also got the new task of collecting links of Open Access pages and putting them into a wiki. Yay work!

Wednesday – I started out with researching for Open Access pages of different Universities. It´s harder to find these little buggers than I thought, they hide their trail pretty well… and google isn´t much of an help either. But no worries, that´s not an obstacle for a research Pro like me!

Other than that I just worked a little on Sippola and did my English homework.

I also had a seminar on ´Networking – Strategic Theme of the Year: Networking Competencies´. Sounds all fancy and I was pretty excited to attend hoping it would help me in my current situation as well as in the future but in the end it wasn´t that helpful, at least not for me. I thought it was some general information on how-to and what-to-do but it seemed to be specifically laid out for researchers who are trying to form a competent team for their studies…so nothing for me to see there. In the end it was still interesting and I got some good insight on how human interaction works in general. One attendee just said that it comes down to being open and not judgmental (judgmental in the sense of thinking you know exactly what your opposite is trying to say and interrupting them instead of letting them talk). Listening, processing and then responding, that´s the key.

Thursday – Well as said, SUN SUN SUN! But I also went to work 🙂

In the morning I worked a little bit more on the Open-Access-wiki and then went to Lunch with Heli and Tuija to Gardenia, a `unique tropical garden, a limited joint stock company co-owned by the City of Helsinki and the University of Helsinki`.

It´s only 5 minutes from the library and it was good to go on a walk after sitting in front of the Computer for so long (and, I can´t stress this enough, to enjoy the sun!). There I tried a sip of Kotikalja which translates to home-made beer (Kotikalja = a traditional fermented, home-made, weak table drink made of malt and sugar). It wasn´t my taste but it´s always good to try out new things. Also, don´t worry, there isn´t any alcohol in it (who do you think I am, drinking on the job…).

In the afternoon I went to my English class and OF COURSE I forgot to bring my homework. I´ve such a sieve as a brain…

Afterwards I used the sun and took a walk around Lammassaari again (I love that place). I only had short time left because sun sets here around 16:30 by now but I had the most beautiful light.

I know, I know, you need some proof that there really was some sun here in the far dark north. Enjoy my glee:


19:15 – Linkin Park: Final Masquerade

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