Monday, 27.10.14

22:45 – Sportfreunde Stiller: Ein Kompliment (MTV unplugged)

This is my 6th week here in Helsinki. Unbelievable.

This morning I met Mirja P., who is an information specialist at the library of parliament. She showed me the library, the archive and their depository which are open to researchers, students and members of the parliaments as well as the public (only during opening hours of course).

The customer numbers are declining due to the increased use of internet services. The library noticed that change early enough and now focuses on providing a certain standard and quality of services for their customers online. Especially for private persons it´s a good way to get an overview over the current applied laws and what is planned in the near future.


Afterwards I went for a quick lunch at Subway. I never used to go there but since I arrived here I think I´ve gone … let me lie, but 10 times already? Crazy I know, but I love sandwiches 😀


As said, quick lunch and then it was back to work for me. I didn´t do much today, only some paperwork and E-Mails.

At home in the afternoon I did the same thing: paperwork. I also skyped and wrote postcards, a duty one should not miss while being on a trip like this. All very exciting 😉

And for anyone who has slight sadistic tendencies here a little story:

Last week I thought to myself that in addition to my healthy diet of packet soups ( and subway sandwiches ) a little physical training couldn´t hurt. So I went running (well, for fit people my `running` is like walking fast… no shame felt here) and I picked up Pilates again ( I ❤ youtube). While up until now I only did beginners videos on Saturday I tried out something a little more advanced…

Worst. Decision. Ever. Today I had the worst muscle ache in my upper legs. Every step on the stairs or getting up from any seating situation seemed to develop into a nearly unachievable task. Believe me, I sat on the bus and really didn´t want to get out at Viikki because I didn´t think I could handle the stairs…

Moral of the story: Don´t do sport, it kills you. And don´t trust people on the internet…

23:10 – Vance Roy: Riptide (Acoustic)

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