Summary, Thurs., 23.10. – Sun. 26.10.

Another summary, and I have the feeling that it won´t be the last one…

Thursday –  After two days of laying in bed and pitying myself I finally went back to work . In the morning I started to fill out my Europass form online which is much more time consuming than I would have thought. Afterwards I “helped out” in the customer service.

In the afternoon I went to my English class, which was enjoyable as ever. It´s already the last lesson  next week 😦

As fun as it was I was glad when I was back home. Even though in the morning I felt like the first sunshine in spring (as in: really good and happy) in the afternoon the darkness of winter came creeping back (gloomy mood) and so did the headache I thought I defeated. After closing the front door behind me I just fell out of my shoes and into my bed.


Friday – The day of the book fair. It was great, I had loads of fun walking around, taking pictures, looking at all the offers, laughing with Tuija and Veera and bag some free stuff like badges, stickers and candy (mostly from the Uni Library booth itself 😉 ).

And in addition to the book fair there was the food fair right next door. Apparently they do it like that every year and of course I couldn´t miss out on some samples. And Cheese everywhere. I was in heaven.


Saturday and Sunday – My days off. I didn´t do anything but took a walk around Lammaassari again, slept and engulfed in other forms of procrastination. And it was a great weekend in the end 🙂

It´s the end of my 5th week here and it doens´t feel real at all. Even though I miss home, especially my friends and cats, I do want to stay here even longer. The best thing would be if someone would invent some kind of portal with which I could just travel back and forth between Helsinki and Berlin (and Arizona, while we are on it). Anybody know anyone ?!

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