Summary, Fr., 17.10. – Wed., 22.10.


Well writers laziness has finally reached out to me. As you might have noticed this is once again a summary of the past week.

But I guess it´s easier and maybe even more entertaining for you guys, now you only have to read about the highlights of my week. Much shorter and not as boring ….

Well on Friday work was pretty … self organized. I just helped out in the customer service for some time and took care of paperwork. In the afternoon I went into town and met up with my friend. We wanted to use the good weather so we went on the Torni Hotel and enjoyed the view over sunny Helsinki. Afterwards we went to eat deliscious burgers … yum.

On Saturday it was finally time to go to Tallinn! We took Lindaline ferry and we expected one of those huge ferry boats you can always see from the market but we were fooled. The lindaline ferries are actually kind of… cute. They are pretty small but as fast as one of the big ferries.

We arrived savely in Tallin and then the shopping started. I won´t tell you everything about my exploits, just this: at the end of the day my hands hurt from carrying all that stuff. Mostly souvenirs for friends and family though.

BUT what I need to tell you about is Cru. Because it´s fantastic. It´s a hotel restaurant and hidden away right in the small streets of the old town. And the food was fantastic. Go there when visiting Tallinn and you won´t regret it.

On Sunday we planned on visiting Suomenlinna but it was raining all day long so we just went to Fazers, got us some goody goodies and ate a fancy breakfast at home. Then it was time already for us to leave for the airport.

I don´t like good-byes at all and she doesn´t either, so we exchanged a hug and waved for one last time while she disappeared through the kids gate at the security check.

It was weird coming „home“ again and nobody was there. My room seems so big now…

On Monday I worked a bit on the projectnet video. Tuija and I still have to do the audiotrack and I didn´t think it was that hard! We didn´t finish what we started out to do so I took the text with me to summarize it. Maybe then it gets easier to talk slowly and more clearly.

Afterwards we went to Meilahti Campus to a seminar about Open Science – Impact and research funding. Ist part of the Open Access week they had here at the University and some of the presentations were really interesting while others were to late in the day for me to still be able to process what they were saying.

Afterwards I took a short stroll around Lammassaari (sheep island, haven´t seen no sheep though).

On Tuesday… well Tuesday was a bad, a very bad day.

The last couple of days I´ve gotten a headache now and then but they always disappeared after an hour or so and weren´t that bad.

But Tuesday… I woke up around 5 am with the worst headache ever and I soon realized it was actually a migraine. I wasn´t able to go to work, not in this state, so I wrote E-Mails to everyone concerned and stayed home in bed all day.

And today, Wednesday, hasn´t been much different. I feel better but the headaches come and go in waves. Later this afternoon I´m going to go outside and take a walk. Fresh air is supposed to help, right?

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