Thursday, 16.10.14

I wasn´t in Viikki today at all but spend the day in the City Center once again.

In the morning I had a course on European Law databases at Kaisa tallo. Even though every search engine is basically the same it was exhausting. Seven different databases were presented and up until the third I was able to listen and actually understand how it works, what you could search with it but after that.. nothing. If you would ask me anything about Westlaw or HUDOC ( I just copied the names off of the handout…) I wouldn’t even know what you are talking about.

Afterwards I had some spare time and a lunch break of an hour until my English course. I walked around the library for a bit (it´s so pretty *-*) and then went to the cathedral square to devour my freshly bought subway sandwich.

Roger was cool as ever. Today we had discussions about different articles, trying to form coherent sentences while conversing (understanding, thinking about and answering to what the opposite party said).

I went home right after because today was the day I finally went to the common laundry room to wash my clothes. And let me tell you after four weeks of not washing anything almost all of my belongings are now fresh and dry back in my closet.

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