Summary Sun., 12.10. – Wed., 15.10.

Okay so I haven´t had much time to write anything about the last couple of days which means you´ll all have to deal with a short summary:

Sunday – visited Nuuksio once again and once again the weathergods had no mercy. It wasn´t raining but the sky didn´t show any sign of a blue sky, only a think grey blanket with no chance of the sun peeking through.

We walked the Robin´s trail, the shortest one with only 2 km along the lakes Valklampi, Mustalampi and Haukkalampi. I think all in all we walked 9 or 10 km and were pretty happy when we got home.

Monday – I met up with Tuija once again, this time we worked with a program called Camtasia. We started with making a tutorial video about how to use Projectnet. It was fun and we will make some more videos soon about other search engines and webpages.

Tuesday – I finished translating the Sippola list from Word to Excel, now I just need to smooth and polish it up a bit.

Wednesday – in the morning I had customer service. I even talked to some customers (yay) but it´s pretty weird to be addressed in Finnish and having to explain that I only speak English. The customers always react understanding and promptly speak English then as well, but still… It´s weird.

In the afternoon I went into the City Center and visited the Deutsche Bibliothek Helsinki. Before I found the Entrance I went into a shop right downstairs and met the most adorable little Mini Schnauzer. When I entered he jumped up and down and I think I stayed there for over 10 minutes just to pet him and get licked by him in return (my hands were quite slimy afterwards). The owner of the store and dog was quite amused by the whole scene.

Die Deutsche Bibliothek is a small library and rents in all 4 rooms where 1.5 employees take care of approx. 40.000 books and other media.

In 1877 12 German families in Helsinki formed a book circle and every family had to acquire one book per year, which wasn´t a very easy nor cheap task (German book in Helsinki, late 19th century = not easy). By 1881 there were 60 books in the collection and those were the basis for the first German library in Helsinki.

With time the library grew bigger through cooperation’s and fusions with other German based libraries. It targets to collect all Finland concerned literatue in a special Fennica-section which nowadays holds over 4000 works and to offer a variety of books to the German communities outside of Helsinki.

Oh and also: „Deutsche Bibliothek“ doesn´t mean it only holds books from Germany but from all German speaking countries, so Germany, Austria, Switzerland and so on.

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