Saturday, 11.10.14

20:50 – Amelie: L‘ Autre Valse d’Amélie

Tonight my third week in Finland is officially over. Only five more weeks to go.

Today we started out with a little grocery shopping and then a dapper breakfast at home, including korvapuusti (Yam!) and energizing Yogi tea which was the perfect drink after a short short night of talking and catching up until three in the morning.

A quick meditation session (def. not me) and a parallel conducted Skype date (that was me) later we took the bus to down town and our first stop was Fazer. I liked chocolate before but now I adore, admire and, oh let me just say it, love it with all my heart. That place is the dream of every Chocolatier on earth and just watching the pralines, candies and cakes wait for someone behind a spotless wall of glass to come pick them up and give them a new home (in their belly) made me giggle with excitement.

The smell of chocolate still in our noses we went to The Ounce. It is a nice little Tea place right in the city center in Fredrikinkatu and the perfect spot for every tea lover, and non-tea lover for that matter, to relax and discover some new deliciousness. It has hundreds of different kinds to offer and in the back a couple of seatings where you can enjoy a freshly infused cup of your choice of brew.

We took a stroll down the harbor area and stranded in Salve, an old Ravintola (=restaurant) established in 1897 which carries the slogan „When Ships Were Made Of Wood And Men Were Made Of Steel…“. I felt right at home 😀

We did a lot of walking today and I´m dead yet again. Tomorrow we´ll travel far far away, 30 km via bus to Nuuksio National Park.

21:29 – Save Ferris: Come on Eileen

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