Wednesday, 8.10.14

18:03 – Shinedown: Sound of Madness

Today was/is an easy going day. I went straight into the cellar to work on the Sippola Collection and to continue cataloguing the books. I kept doing that until it was time to meet up with Tuija to talk about bibliographics, especially the H-Index and the Impact Factor. The H-Index gives an estimate of the importance, significance and broad impact of a scientist’s research contributions and can be found in Google Scholar or Web of Science. The Impact Factor refers to a certain academic journal and is a measure reflecting the average number of citations to recent published articles in the journal.

While Tuija was explaining it all in detail I didn´t quite grasp the concept of it but she send me a few links later on and while reading them through I slowly began to understand. This one she send me as well and helped me the most in understanding the whole thing.

Afterwards I went straight home because I wasn´t quite on top of myself the last few days and I felt a headache or worse approaching. I´ve been drinking tea, eating licorice and reading my book. Its only 6 pm but I´m already ready to go to bed and sleep.

Hyvä Yötä to you all!

18:59 – Shinedown: Call me

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