Thursday, 9.10.14

19:05 – OneRepublic: Love Runs Out

Today is Thursday! That means tomorrow is Friday which means then in return that a friend of mine is finally coming to visit! TOOK HER LONG ENOUGH! And yes, I´m excited about it 😀

Anyways, back to work. Today I translated the bibliography (which I started to write in Microsoft Word) onto Excel. I finished the job in an hour and it looks really pretty now, with all the colors and fonts. No, just kidding of course. It was quite exhausting to copy&paste the whole time (favorite thing to do when being a student. Wikipedia is my most visited website…) but the work is worth it, Excel is more practical and way easier to handle in the end.

Later Katja and Maija picked me up and  told me about the Open Access Materials they are using at the university and the Research Information System `Tuhat`.

Then it was already time for me to leave for my English course with Roger the Brit. I enjoy conversing and hanging out with the fellow non-Fins at the course but to be honest, I was glad when it was over. My headache from yesterday hasn´t left me alone yet and I just wanted to get home, drink some tea and go to bed. I hope it´s gone tomorrow.

19:42 – Crossfade: Colours


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