Monday, 6.10.14

19:00 – Rise Against: Give it all

The Theater Academy is a specialized university located in Helsinki and the only school for the performing arts in Finland. It was established in 1979 and in 2013 it merged with the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki and the Sibelius Academy to form the University of the Arts Helsinki.

The building where the academy is located used to be a factory building and was put into operation in 2000. Before that the main building hosted a Soap factory and later the business of Kone, a Finish elevator company. Now it provides room for an auditorium, five studios and of course the specialized library which I visited today.

I arrived at Haapaniemenkatu 6 a little too early (just 30 minutes, no big deal) so I sat in the auditorium and let the hall and atmosphere take its effect on me (aka I took a small nap while sitting up. it´s an art).

Tanja picked me up and first we sat down on a bench-sofa-mix that, if you just look at it, seems like the most uncomfortable piece of furniture for a rehabilitation area ever. But it turned out to be cozy as h*** and I was close to continuing my nap from before.

I had a fantastic talk with Tanja and she showed me the newly renovated library. It holds more than 30.000 works and is therefore the largest collection of books on the performing arts in Finland.

It´s a library like any other but it has it´s eyecatcher. For example are the signs that show the customer what field is located there not hanging on the shelves but painted in big letters on the floor. I for one think that´s brilliant because most of the people don´t look up but down, on their notes, their phone or on their shoes (because they are new and still shiny?!)

The library staff also put out a Feed back box. Tanja mentioned that it´s not used much but I guess that´s a good sign considering that most people use these kinds of anonymous opportunities mostly to get rid of negative criticism.

Another practical service the library offers are self-service opening hours. Here the students or member of staff can enter the library rooms outside of the official opening hours, which are Monday to Thursday 10-18 and on Fridays 10-15. With the Flexim-key they can make use of the library on weekdays 8-21 and on weekends 10-14. They can do anything but pay their fees or contact the customer service (because no one is there…). I asked Tanja if they had any kind of problems with that system, considering that the customers are unsupervised but she answered in the negative saying that the students here are the nicest and most honest customers she´s ever met.

The visit in the Teak library showed me again how innovative and advanced the Finish libraries are in their way and how different the Finish people are compared to the ones in Berlin.

At work I worked a little on the Sippola Collection but the weekend took much of my strength (my oh my, I´m getting old) and I was too exhausted to continue. Later I joined Leena at the Customer Service desk but wasn´t much of a help yet. I put some textbooks back in their rightful place in the shelf and learned a little on how to use the Voyager-program.

I wanted to visit the Museum of Photography after work but a mean time thief named hunger and weariness put a stroke in that wheel. After work I went to Prisma to take a look around at at bargain deals and then went straight home.

Covered in my warm  blanket and a cup of tea in my hand I now wait for my Skype dates.

One of them is coming to visit me at the end of this week and I can not wait! Even if the weather stays this bad it´s going to be exquisite.

19:25 – Rise Against: Hero of War

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