Saturday, 4.10.14

The day started with a cloudy sky and had it´s high and low when the bus driver stopped me at the door and handed me a plastic bag to sit on. I couldn´t do much else than laugh in that moment.

For all of you who have no idea what I´m talking about, yesterday was the day I finally visited Nuuksio National Park. It´s located somewhat 30km outside of Helsinki and is easily reached by train and a bus going straight to the entrance of the park. I imagend it to be a beautiful day. Relaxingly strolling down the hiking trails alongside of lakes and marshes while watching the
sunshine fall through the red and yellow treetops.

But nope. Not today and not for me. The drive there took me around 1.5 hours and while I still hoped for the sky to clear in the beginning the drops of pure evil hitting the bus window as soon as I left Espoo-city proved me wrong.

The park in general is beautiful and the trails are marked and even for hiking newbies like me easily to walk on. But the rain made it a little difficult. After an hour of slight drizzle it really started to rain cats and dogs and I got soaked. Even my cool new yellow raincoat didn´t help. Thing about the trails is that they go up and down sometimes and of course it had to happend. I fell. On my big behind. Right into a puddle. Just. My. Luck.

I was in the park for around 3 hours sliding along the slick and muddy trails when I had enough.

Wet, dirty and cold I arrived at the busstop at the exit/entrance of the park and thank God the bus back to Espoo was already there. As said before, the bus driver looked at me pitiying and handed me a Plastic bag, signing that I should sit on it to not make the seats dirty. At least he showed me a seat close to the heater…

At home I first took a good long hot shower and drank I think almost a thousand Liter of hot Peppermint tea to prevent a cold from catching on and after a nice Skype call I just fell into bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep.

All in all: I will visit Nuuksio again, maybe even next weekend but next time I´ll check the weather report first.

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