Thursday, 2.10.14

21:15 – The Fray: Look after you

I got up at 7.15 and enjoyed a bowl of cinnamon porridge while being witness to a more than beautiful sunrise.

At work I pretty much went straight to the cellar to continue with the bibliography. It will take more time than I thought because there are some works in Swedish, Finnish and other languages also. Not only that but most of the books are written in `black letter print`(Fraktur). Now you try to decipher a foreign language in black letter print on brownish paper, often times yellowed and some letters half missing. Not as easy as you´d think.

But I´ll get through, I am already on my 3rd shelf after 2.5 hours of work! (this is good)

In the afternoon I went to the Main Campus downtown to my English Class “English for international Communication”. We are a pretty multinational bunch. There are people from Turkey, China, Spain, Vietnam, France, Germany (me) and of course Finland. Roger (the teacher) himself is from London, England and has the most precious accent. The class was set for two hours that day and the time flew by. But it really felt like school, we even got homework due next week…

Because I was in the city anyways I decided to take a walk along the harbor. On my way back to Rautatientori I found a Café where I drank some hot Cocoa and ate a delicious chocolaty nougat cake (be jealous, it was to die for). I forgot what the name of the place was but I´ll find out and when you come to Helsinki you should definitely go there.

21:28 – ACDC: Get it hot

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