Tuesday, 30.09.14

23:45 – Iced Earth: Dystopia

Last week I told you guys a little bit about the Sippola Collection and the role I play in the whole scenario. Well I started to send out E-Mails to many libraries and insitutions in Germany and today the first replies rolled in. And they kept rolling. So the morning I spend my time with answering all those E-Mails, some of them showed real interest which made it fun to communicate with them.

Anyways, tomorrow I´ll have to start the list or a small bibliography to send out to the suitors so they can determine if the works are dublicates or not.

At 12 o´clock Päivi picked me up and we went to the depository together. It was fun working with her because she speaks really good German.

After the work in the depository I went back to my desk and kept answering E-Mails.

Before I went home I went to the public library downstairs to take a look around (it´s located right next to the University library) and after the nice man behind the counter made me a library card the first book I borrowed was „ From Start to Fin(n)ish“ … you get it? It´s quite clever isn´t it? 😀

I wanted to go to Turku this weekend to visit Lucia, but unfortunately it won´t be possible because the prices are horrendous! But I bet I´ll find something else I can do or where I can go 🙂

And here is something funny Alexandra posted a couple of days ago on facebook. I´m sure Finnish people love as much as others do, but I somehow see myself in the comment, a little bit at least 😉


But I looked it up and I found that „mulkvisti“ means bastard. Not a nice thing to say.

00:16 – Ed Sheeran: Sing

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