Friday, 26.09.14

22:12 – Balu: Mit Ruhe und Gemütlichkeit

Today as the last day of my first week here at the University I went to the Center Campus of Helsinki where the new Kaisa-House is located, the Main Library.

I met up with Veera who before I came to Helsinki helped me out quite a out with administrative stuff and organizing my housing arrangements. She told me all about the Administration and how the University of Helsinki is trying to become even more attracting to it´s students and staff, already ranking 74th on the list of Universities all around world. Then she gave me a tour of the building which opened it´s doors only a couple of years ago and is without a doubt one of the most beautiful libraries I´ve ever seen. I´ll definitely go back there to take some more pictures and take a look around.

Then we went to lunch in the mensa of the parliament where I ordered some tasty salmon. When I went up to the cash register I noticed that I forgot my wallet at home but Veera stepped in and saved me from a embarrassing scene. She paid for my lunch and I promised in return to invite her for a beer sometime (which comes up to 6€ for one beer, give or take on the place).

Instead of walking directly back to Kaisa-House we went by the Helsinki Cathedral, the Back of Helsinki and many other University buildings and faculties which are all located close by. When you are in the center you don´t notice but a huge part of it is actually the Main Campus in disguise.

Veera dropped me of at Päivi´s office, the Information Literacy coordinator. While we talked alot about Information Literacy and it´s organization at the Uni. she also gave me some great tips and what to do and where to go in Helsinki in Finland.

All in all the day at Kaisa-House was a very informative and impressive day and I went home with quite the long list of tips what I should do and where to go in Helsinki and Finland.

For anyone who reads this boring blog, this is a great Video „commercial“ of the Uni. of Helsinki. Just click on commercial, it´ll take you to youtube.

In the morning before I went to the city center I moved into my own little room at Unihome Pihlajamäki (Pihlaja = Eberesche; Mäki = Hügel). Thanks to Carmen at the reception (who is from Switzerland btw) I had a great start there.
For friday afternoon and night I didn´t plan anything but settle in my own space: put my clothes away, hand up pictures and take a good long hot shower. And that is what I did. I´m very glad to have the time at the hostel behind me.

Hyvä viikonloppu (Schönes Wochenende)

22:42 – Mulan: Sei ein Mann


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