Thursday, 24.09.14

20:58 – Atreyu: Falling down

So today I went to “Library 10” in the Center of Helsinki right next to the Railway station. Beforehand I only looked at the website where I read that it is a Music Library and as you know yesterday I only went by to see where it is located, but I didn’t go in. Well let me tell you from the outside it didn´t make a big impression and even the first impression of the inside wasn´t as flashy as it could have been.

Library 10 - Kirjasto

Library 10 – Kirjasto

But you shouldn´t judge a book on it´s cover,right?! I was greeted by Ilja who first told me all about the reason this library exists in the first place and then showed me around. In all there aren’t many books, CD´s or any materials there at all but it´s used as a work place for everybody (“from reading room to work room”). It´s a open and comfortable space and if you are interested in knowing more about it then you can read the little introduction I wrote about it on my side bar (which I still have to write…) or you can just google. For any librarian who needs a little bit of inspiration for innovation, that´s the place to go.

Afterwards I went back to Viikki Campus and got the news that during my stay I´ll visit the Theatre Academy library and The Library of Parliament as well ( I still need to go on the typical tourist tour through the city, haven´t seen the Parliament building nor the Helsinki Cathedral yet).

In the afternoon I went to the book depository with Merja. There we checked if the materials we were going through are already at the National Repository Library in Kuopio and can go into the garbage (recycling) or they aren´t, then we send them up there.

Roskiin - trash

Roskiin – trash

Vaari - Grandfather...

Vaari – Grandfather…

This is going to be my last night at the hostel. Thank God! I couldn´t have stayed here a day longer.

Tomorrow morning I´ll leave as soon as possible with all my luggage and pick up my keys at the Unihome.

Tonight I´ll just pack my things and prepare everything . A cup of tea combined with a hot bowl of to-ma-to soup and my Laptop fully charged promises a nice cozy and relaxed afternoon.

Hyvä Torstai ya´ll!

21:25 – Limp Bizkit: My way

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