Wednesday, 24.09.14

I got up at 5 am and drank coffee. Loads of sweet, sweet black coffee. I know for sure that I drank at least 5 cups, after that I stopped counting.

You can guess by my unbelievable high consumption of black gold that I didn´t sleep much last night, again.

First because I´m pretty homesick, more than ever expected but mainly because I was disturbed by rude and reckless people.

Living in a dorm room with 12 other people has itś perks (meeting new characters, exchanging life stories and travel tips, learning about yourself) but the big downside is that you are sleeping with 12 other people in one room. And last night was hell. I lost my earplugs (and if you´ve ever slept in a hostel before you know they are essential) and people leaving in the middle of the night around 2 and 4 am making loads of noise with their backpacks/suitcases and talking loudly about where they are going next wasn´t very comforting or helping me fall asleep at all!

Anyways at work we had a staff meeting today. I was officially introduced to all members of the team and then I held a small presentation. I just talked about the dual education system we have in Germany and my own library abit. Afterwards the meet continued in its usual manner and everyone switched to Finnish. I have no idea what they were talking about but I´m proud to say that I´m able to sound single words out and understand them.

Right after the staff meeting I went to a on-class teaching session held by Tuija (information specialist) called “Information resources in life sciences”. She showed us the different catalogues and databases (e.g. Helka, Web of Science, BookNavigator, etc.) and how to use them. It definitely was a good addition to what I´ve learned in school about search engines and operators.

The Rest of the afternoon I looked into the ICT Driving Licence (a course shared by all faculties of the University so that every student has the necessary ICT skill (Informaion and Communication Technology) for their studies. I focused here on the 4th lesson – Information seeking – but all the lessons are pretty interesting and pretty useful when working with Computers.

By now it´s 7C out and the sun hides behind clouds now and then but today I will go into the city no matter what! I need to buy some good smelly cheese…I got the tip to go by Stockmann (Helsinkis KaDeWe) and I do think I will give that a try, itś not like that hasn´t been on my mind since I´ve landed.

Later that day…

20:35 – Eskimo Callboy: Is anyone up

After a long day I´m finally sitting on my hostel bed again. In town I got the first postcards to send home and already small some presents for friends.

Then it was off to the bakery to get some sweet lunch cakelets and a hot cup of cocoa and afterwards I went and checked out the building where I have to go tomorrow morning. It´s right in the city center, but you will hear more about that tomorrow.

I´m going to eat some slices of this fabulous cheese now while watching the latest episode of Big Bang Theory and waiting for my Skype Date to call me.


20:55 – Dangerkids: Where the sky breaks

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