Tuesday, 23.09.14

There is a strike starting today concerning the public transport, mainly metro and tram services, and luckily enough I only ride by bus but people bickering about the Public transport still makes me miss the BVG a little.

Weather has turned on me. It has been raining cats and dogs for 3 days straight now which prevents me to take any pretty pictures of the city.

My workday started out with drinking a cup of good ol´ black coffee. No cream nor sugar, thank you very much. It was like a little piece of heaven touched my tongue.

After that moment of bliss Merja picked me up and showed me the library in detail, going through the shelves with me and explaining all the collections, departments and different classifications. Here they use UBC (Universal Decimal Classification), Numerus Currens and Alphabetical Classification. They have all the journals leading up to year 1994 on the first floor (which is one below ground level – also im Untergeschoss) and all the journals from 1995 onwards on the third floor. Many of these are being continued in electronic form which is being indicated by a paperslip looking out.


Then we went into the cellar or a small depository and Merja explained what one of my tasks is going to be.

Viikki Campus Library needs to clear one of the bigger depositories because of the cost and the collected materials have to be disbanded. One collection here includes around 250 German works about Agriculture from a private library. My task is going to be contacting institutions or organizations in Germany to see if they are interested in acquiring them.

The afternoon I sat in front of the computer and researched for University libraries, government libraries, state libraries and so on which consider taking them on. I found some good leads but I´ll have to wait and see what they say when/if they will answer my E-Mails.

motivational entertainment

motivational entertainment

My neck hurt quite a lot from all the typing so it was a relief to participate in a program which is called “carefree shoulders”. Some kind of back therapy training which is being held here and anyone can come who is interested.

Also I got the confirmation to my English course. „English for international communication“ will be on every Thursday afternoon but I´m still searching for a Finnish course here because the Beginners course here at the University was too canceled.

Other than that I went about the library and took pictures (as you can see farther below)

and after work I went “home” to the hostel, determined to go into town to go raincoat shopping but my tiredness triumphed again. So I stayed in, ate some Champignon-Créme-Soup and chitchatted with my fellow hostelers (yes, that’s a real word…) and to calm down my sweet tooth I went to the supermarket downstairs to buy some chocolate (sunrice Puffreis and Riesen-Bonbons, oh yeah).

Well I´m dead tired now, so I wish you all a hyvää yötä and kauniita unia.

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