Sunday, 21.09.14

18:30 – Stone Sour: Through the glass

The first night in the hostel away from family and friends was rougher than I expected it to be but I guess I could have had it worse.

Thanks to my lovely earplugs I was untroubled by all the nightsowls who came and went from Saturday-night-partying while slamming the door shut with a good push. Good nights sleep all in all (do you feel the irony?)

Well I haven´t done much on this cozy Sunday which began with sunshine and ended with drizzle.

I explored my future way to work which only takes about 10 minutes by bus from the hostel.

After arriving at Viikki Campus and going around the library looking through the windows like the creepy stalker I am I went to my future apartment building where Ill move in on friday. It´s just about 1.5 miles away and an easy distance to walk on dry days.


Viikki Campus Library

Viikki Campus Library

On my way back I grabbed a chicken-curry sandwhich from the supermarket and met up with some gals from my dorm. They were nice enough to sacrifize their last few hours in Helsinki to explore the Botanical gardens at Kaisaniemi with me. Unfortunately there arn´t any pictures because me little dummy forgot to take my camera with me… won´t be the last time that will happen…

Now I´m sitting on my Bed again, with a cup of Chai-tea and waiting for my Skype date. It´s nice and kind of relieving to see a familiar face and hear a voice you miss, even if it´s just over the laptopscreen and headphones.

Well tomorrow is my first day of work and I hope when I get some kind of regularity in my daily routine I won´t feel as detached as I feel now. But it has only be the second day, so I won´t complain! (anymore)

We´ll see how tomorrow goes and Ill update you guys later!

18:50 – The Lion Kind: Hakuna Matata

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