Saturday, 20.09.14

Distance to destination: 683 km     Altitude: 11901 m     Estimated Time of arrival: 11:31 local time     Time To destination: 1:03 h

9:37 Uhr – Three Days Grace: Are you ready

After the last couple eventful and stressful days (or better said: weeks) I´m finally sitting in my seat on the plane with the fabulous destination of Helsinki, Finland.

As said in my last post I´ve already checked my luggage yesterday evening so I only had to make my way across the city with my hand luggage.

I still had to leave my warm and comfy bed early enough. Boarding time was set for 8:15 which meant for me to get up at 6 am (the horror) to be at the airport at around 7:45. After a long and (on my side) tearful good bye I scurried through the Securty Check (which I passed with flying colors! A first for me) I met up with Lucia at gate 40C who was on her way to Turku with a layover in Helsinki.

At the moment I´m sitting above the clouds, literally. Nervousness and excitement haven´t kicked in yet for everything has gone its way, but as its known: „You shouldn´t count your chickens before they are hatched“.

9:47 – Mando Diao: Good morning, Herr Horst
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