Saturday, 20.09.14

17:15 – BBC Big Band Orchestra: Sing Sing Sing (with a swing)

Berlin weint um meinen Abschied

Berlin cries me farewell

The flight to Finland itself was pretty unspectacular, peanuts here and coffee (in the tiniest cups) there. One lovely thing was that my seatmate was a Lady from Rovaniemi and after talking for a while she gave me her number and E-Mail and told me to contact her if I have the chance to go to Rovaniemi  while I´m here in Finland. I planned on doing that anyways in the hopes of seeing the Aurora again but nowI won´t be as alone on my visit to far north as I thought. With the nice company and conversation time flies by and our ways parted after the landing in Helsinki.

After leaving Berlin with tears of sorrow falling from the sky I arrived safely in Helsinki with the sun shining on my nose. I had definitely too much to wear with tropical 21 C outside.

Finland seems to be the country of Wi-Fi. As soon as the plane touched the ground I was able to connect my Phone to the Free Wi-Fi of the Airport and was able to contact Lisa, who coincidentally was at the airport at that time to say good-bye to someone else. After a nice chat and a couple of rrreeaaallyy helpful tips she brought me to my bus which took me into the city. (The bus had free Wi-Fi too, just so you know).

Thanks again Lisa! It´s always good to see a familiar face in a foreign country.

Arriving in the center I stood before the task to find the HSL Service Pointin the Main Railway Station (Public Transport in Helsinki). You would think that it was easy but wrongly so. After 40 minutes of asking strangers for help and running in circles I finally was able to rest my sore and mistreated shoulder from carrying the 20 kg bag. I found the HSL Office in the Metro station UNDER the Main Railway Station. I stood there in front of the booth, sweaty and red-faced when the HSL-Lady opposite of me asked me where I am from. In German. First I was perplexed but then happy as a Ceshire Cat- Turns out her name is Simone and she is from Berlin as well. 10 years ago she met and married a Fin and has been living here ever since.  She handed me my Travel Card and send me on my way to my hostel with some more helpful tips.

Even though I have to spend a whole week here in a 12-bed-dorm this hostel seems to be pretty nice and clean. It´s not far from work (only 15 minutes by bus) which makes getting up in the morning a little easier.

Tonight I´ll only eat some soup and explore the surrounding area on foot. Maybe I´ll skpe later but mainly I plan to sleep and calm down.

Wish me luck that none of my dormmates snores!


Sommer vorm Rautatieasema

Sommer vorm Rautatieasema

17:35 – Nirvana: Polly

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